Hello & welcome

“To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there.” Kofi Annan

I believe that, whatever’s going on, whether it’s stuff we like or stuff we’d like to change, WE get to choose. Not what’s happening, but how we relate and respond to what’s happening, and what meaning and perspective we give to it.

REMEMBERING we can choose is the first step. Then, if we want to, we can MAKE OUR CHOICE.

Simple, powerful choices can change everything about how we ‘experience’ ourself, how we navigate our way through life and whether or not we become more conscious creators of our own experience.

Here’s what I observe: most people base their personal happiness on things outside of their control. They avoid taking 100% responsibility for their life. I know I did – for far too long. Bonkers.

Here’s what I am absolutely certain of – WE HAVE CHOICE. Always.

And it's a simple choice.

  • We can choose fascination over frustration.
  • We can choose freedom over suffering (in other words, we can choose not to suffer, even when we’re in pain).
  • We can choose empowerment over victim-hood.
  • We can choose which voices we listen to (both internal and external): the cheerleaders or the critics.
  • We can choose love over being right.
  • We can choose gratitude over – just about everything.
  • And we can choose our own stories – the stories we make up to interpret and make sense of life and what’s happening.

Of course crap happens …
Relationships end. People die. Jobs finish. Debts mount. Bodies hurt.
And miracles happen too – beauty and magic and awesomeness.
And all of the stuff in between.

How we deal with these things, how we incorporate them into our own personal narrative, what meaning we give to them … that’s always OUR CHOICE, even when we forget or when our ‘story’ seduces us into thinking otherwise.

Exploring that truth and finding resources and strategies to help us to reject suffering, to choose love, to live ‘a life that works’ (whatever that looks like for you), that seems to me to be a fine way, and a fun way and …

... an important way to spend some time.