Are you living a life you love? Or could you feel happier, healthier, more effective?

Do you feel a sense of direction and purpose? Or are you stuck and finding it difficult to move forward?

Are you clear about who you really are, what you really want and what you really care about? Or are you so caught up with fighting the fires of everyday life that you never even give a thought to your dreams?

Do you have a healthy level of self-worth? Or do you constantly undermine, undervalue and sabotage yourself?

Do you know exactly how to get what you want out of life? Or do you lack the action steps to help you achieve your goals, and the courage and motivation to really go for it?

Do you feel that your life is in balance? Or do you wish you had more time for the things you enjoy and the people you care about?

Are you living and playing full out, ‘in the zone’? Or is time draining away like sand between your fingers and your entire life feels like it needs a spring clean?

Do you recognise yourself in any of these? If so, chances are you could really benefit from the profound changes that Life Coaching can bring.

What is Life Coaching?

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” Marcus Aurelius

Coaching is one of those vague, catch-all terms that people think they understand … but even most life coaches struggle to articulate what exactly it is that they do.

“I ask powerful questions. I listen deeply. I reflect back the things you can’t see …”

All true. And it probably doesn’t help you know what to expect from a coaching relationship!

Coaching isn’t some weird arcane process. It’s simple, straightforward and astonishingly effective. It can also be challenging and occasionally uncomfortable.

Coaching does for your mind what a personal trainer does for your body. A coach is no more likely to offer you sympathy and excuses to stay ’stuck’ than a personal trainer is to suggest a regime of crisps, chocolate and TV marathons.

Whether you call it mentoring, training or coaching, the right kind of one-on-one coaching will help you accelerate your success (whatever success means for you). Coaching is what sets individuals apart from the masses. As the saying goes: “no-one gets to the Olympics without a coach, so why would you try to win your best life without one?”

Let’s be clear here. I don’t have the answers for you. And I know that YOU DO – you just maybe aren’t able to access them for yourself right now. What I can do is ask the questions that allows you to tap into your own wisdom, your own inner sense of knowing.

When I ask the right questions, I watch people discover answers they didn’t know they had. And I feel them light up.

As a coach, I can help you to:


  • get in touch with your passions
  • work out your values, priorities and life purpose
  • get clear on your vision
  • determine your goals and create specific action steps to help you achieve them
  • find solutions and weigh new options
  • identify and eliminate the things you’ve been putting up with which drain your energy
  • uncover areas where you keep sabotaging yourself
  • stay focused on your top priorities
  • achieve balance in your life while still accomplishing your business or career goals
  • and tap into and connect with your own strength and power.
In the words of Mavis Leyrer, aged 83: “Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!’”


What you can expect from me:
  • Confidentiality: be assured that everything said in our sessions is, and will always remain, completely confidential.
  • I will always listen for your greatness, not your smallness. I will listen to you as a hero, not as a victim. I will always be committed to your success.
  • I won’t step over anything. I won’t push or demand, but I will invite you to look at and deal with the things that confront you and that ordinarily you might prefer to ignore or bury. I will be your toughest taskmaster.
  • I will also be your biggest advocate and staunchest ally. That means I will always look for ‘what’s missing’ rather than ‘what’s wrong’. And I will remain objective when listening to your ‘story’.
  • I will be straight and honest. I may not always say what you want to hear, but I’ll always be coming from a place of love and ruthless compassion. I’ll never ever sit in judgement.
  • I may not have the answers but I will ask the questions that will help you to find your own answers, and I may challenge you to think differently about yourself.
  • Even if things occasionally get serious, or even painful, there’ll also be lots of laughter!
  • I will respond promptly if you email me between sessions (which you’re welcome to do) and I will always try to be available if you want or need a brief call between sessions.
What I will expect from you:
  • You will be straight and honest with me and not hold back in sharing your victories, defeats, breakdowns, breakthroughs, upsets and dreams.
  • You will use me as a resource and as an utterly trustworthy and dependable ally, but not lean on me as a crutch.
  • You’ll do whatever ‘homework’ we agree together (whether it’s taking actions, having conversations, making shifts or getting things complete). If it’s too much (or too little), just tell me.
  • You will come to coaching sessions with an idea of what you want to work on and the areas you want to focus on.
  • If you feel you are not getting what you need or expect from our relationship, you’ll share this as soon as you sense it and ask for what you want.
  • You will be willing to venture out of your familiar comfort zone and into your ‘adventure’ zone, trying out new concepts and different ways of doing things and giving up sabotaging and self-defeating behaviours.
  • You will be coach-able and willing to engage in conversations that will empower you and transform what’s possible in your life.
  • You will be punctual and arrive/call me for our scheduled sessions at the time we agree on. If either of us needs to reschedule a call or a face-to-face meeting, we will let each other know at least 24 hours in advance (though I do appreciate that the unexpected can bite you round the ankles!)

How much? How many?

Free 30 minute introductory session
There are many ‘life coaches’ out there – and as many ways of being a coach as there are coaches. Every one of us has different experiences, different training and a different toolbox of distinctions, insights, intuition and skills. For that reason it’s important that both of us – you, the prospective client, and me, the coach – feel that there is a ‘match’ – that what I have to offer and my commitment inside the domain of ‘coaching’ is congruent with what you want to achieve from the sessions we have. So I always offer a free 30 minute session before any commitment or investment is made. Seems only fair! We get to discuss what you would like from coaching, to find out if we’re on the same (or at least a compatible) wavelength and if the prospect of working together looks like being both rewarding and fun. No charge, no obligation.
How much?
I’m not the most expensive nor am I the cheapest. My fees reflect my experience and my track record. And I recognise that everyone’s circumstances are different. If we both feel that working together is the right thing to do, I want to create an agreement and a fee structure that takes account of your means and your commitment to investing in your future success and that honours both of us, coach and client. So my suggestion is – let’s meet and talk, and if we want to take matters further, let’s come to an agreement that we’re both happy with. Sound fair?
How many?
Breakthroughs can happen in an instant, but the real benefits of coaching build over time, as you begin to move yourself and your life from where you are now to where you REALLY want to be. It’s up to you, and your commitment to yourself, how much time, money and energy you are willing to put towards achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams.
Phone, Skype or face to face?

This really is down to whatever works best for you and your lifestyle. Some clients prefer one over the other, some prefer a mixture. And while 55 minutes sessions is the usual format, we may find that what suits you best is a weekly 30 minutes … or a monthly two hours. It all depends on you, your life and the goals you’re seeking to fulfil.

Relationship coaching

“Love is the ultimate and highest goal to which man can aspire. The salvation of man is in love and through love.” Viktor Frankl
In many ways, our lives are defined by how much love we give and receive. When your relationship is working well, when communication is flowing freely and problems are resolved quickly and easily, when each of you is a stand for the other’s greatness … then life feels good and you’re much better able to deal with whatever life throws at you. But it’s not always like that, is it! In the words of Joni Mitchell:
“All I really really want our love to do is to bring out the best in me and in you too …”
Isn’t that just the perfect description of what a good relationship is all about – bringing out the best in each other? Mutual enrichment. A win win situation. Don’t you find that in any relationship that is truly successful, nourishing and a joy to be involved in, you don’t just love (and like – let’s not forget how important simple liking is) the other person (significant other, friend, colleague, family member …) but you also like the person who you are when you’re with them?
So working on relationship issues, and taking your relationship to the next level, isn’t about ‘the other person’ so much as it’s about you, and taking responsibility (quite different from taking the blame) for who YOU are being in the relationship.  ‘Wherever you are, you’re always there!’
Have you ever squeezed a lemon and had the juice run into little cracks in your hands that you didn’t even know were there – until they started stinging like hell? So often a relationship can work like lemon juice, showing us where our hidden wounds lie. It’s no good blaming the lemon for causing your pain – the lemon is just doing what lemons do. It’s up to us to heal our own wounds. Relationship coaching, for individuals or for couples, offers a way of standing outside the pain (and the upset, jealousy, resentment …) and finding a quick and safe route back to appreciating all the things that brought you together in the first place.

Presentation skills coaching

“There’s a difference between impressing an audience and connecting with an audience. But once you have the connection, you can take them wherever you want to go.” Les Brown

Everything we say and do is a communication. The way we speak, act, present ourselves, our vocal quality, our body language – they all communicate a massive amount about us. Research shows that what we actually say accounts for only 7% of how we communicate. 38% depends on how we sound and 55% on how we look.

How would an audience describe your presentations? “CONFIDENT”, “ENGAGING”, “MEMORABLE”, “INSPIRING”? Do people look forward to them? Do YOU look forward to them? Do you suspect that you could do with some personal development in this area? Or is it one aspect of your work that you’d rather ignore?

I offer practical and highly interactive coaching for both novice and experienced presenters, both one on one and in workshops for small groups. You’ll learn about presentation theory and technique, but the main focus is YOU: which means you get to develop your own unique authentic style. You’ll be able to step past your own fears with the skills and confidence not just to BE yourself, but also to ENJOY yourself, in life and in front of an audience.

  • Discover how to communicate effectively, speak confidently and connect with, motivate and inspire your audience.
  • Build your confidence and overcome nerves and performance anxiety.
  • Acquire skills that will enable you to give engaging and powerful presentations.
  • Improve the structure and planning of your presentations.
  • Remove the barriers that get in the way of real communication and give presentations that are powerful and memorable – for all the right reasons.
  • Take control of the non-verbal messages you communicate.
  • Earn the respect and trust of colleagues by communicating effectively.
Whether you’re speaking to clients, colleagues, public meetings or friends and family members, you need to know that you’re communicating your message confidently, powerfully and effectively. You also need to know what your message is – who you are, what you stand for, what your priorities are, what you’re choosing – so that you can show up in your own life as engaging, memorable, inspiring – and authentic!
“Surely to be able to communicate effectively not only with an audience, but one on one, goes far toward determining our own success in life.” Norman Vincent Peale