Coaching for Network Marketers

All around the world, more and more people are getting involved in Network Marketing – it’s being hailed as THE business of the 21st century.

Many of these people will earn some handy extra income and learn some useful transferable skills. They’ll make new friends and generally benefit from being around positive like-minded people.

Some of them will work hard enough to create financial independence for themselves and their families. Some will succeed beyond their wildest dreams, creating a secure residual income and a fabulous lifestyle.

Many others will drop out of Network Marketing, saying it’s too hard, they don’t have enough time, no one is interested …

These people bail out, not because of any fault or lack in the industry, in their company, or in the products or services they represent.

They are stopped by their own fears, their own doubts, their own past failures, their own stories, their own self talk. They are stopped, not by anything out there (though that’s probably what they’ll blame) but because what’s going on inside their heads, between their ears, gets in their way and prevents them from achieving their dreams.


I’ve been involved in and learning about the MLM industry for nearly 12 years. For the last 5 of those years, I’ve been offering trainings and workshops to help people address the ‘stuff that gets in the way’.

Whether it’s one on one, in small intimate hands-on experiential workshops or in large group trainings, I can help you and your teams to


  • take ownership of your time
  • connect your business goals to your life purpose, so you become unstoppable
  • shift your focus away from the negative and onto the positive
  • change your self talk so that it works for you, not against you
  • overcome your fears
  • recognise and rewrite your own money story
  • understand different personality types so you can connect and communicate with anyone
  • improve your listening skills
  • expand your comfort zone 
  • use affirmation and visualisation to reprogramme your old patterns
  • and tap into your own core strengths.

Since I attended Sharon Bott’s workshop, I feel I’ve put ‘my’ world to right!! It was a thought provoking day in a ‘safe’ environment so I felt able to speak freely. Sharon has such an open manner and provided ‘tools’ to take away that I use everyday. I have made one huge decision in particular and more importantly taken action, that will now make managing other aspects of my life easier (or in some instances possible) and will make a big difference to my business. I would definitely attend another workshop and would recommend anyone ‘thinking’ about it to ‘just do it’!

Pat Meade

Senior health professional and entrepreneur

Today a line is getting drawn into the sand and I’m ready to commit myself to start chasing my dreams and planning my goals because, well … I bloody well deserve it!!!! And so do all the people I’m going to help as a result. Thank you, Sharon, for the BEST day.

Workshop participant and Forever Business Owner

What an absolutely amazing eye opening day. Thank you so much for showing me that, actually, I am alright and people may actually want to listen to what I have to say, and if they don’t, I know I have the confidence to tell them anyway!!! Today I learnt how I can personally cope and deal with everyday negativity and I am ready for it!!!!!!

Workshop participant and Forever Business Owner

From a learning perspective there were so many points, but key to me personally were that I am important and should schedule time to do things that make me happy. Helping me to identify what those things are. Making me think about de-cluttering my mind from all those little (and big) things that annoy or irritate me and stop me being free to be myself. Taking time to notice the ‘gorillas’ (the first I’ve noticed is that I was so focused on making my phone calls that I forgot that I’m talking to many different people face to face on most days – duh!) Making me acknowledge and appreciate the various attributes I have that make me individually awesome. And finally to check myself and come from a neutral position rather than a defensive one. I’ve made a start and will keep the momentum going with my gratitudes and positive words. So from one awesome lady to another – thank you for an amazing day and your unique inspirations.

Sandra Walden

Entrepreneur and health professional

You created a safe space for us – what a precious thing to do. And because of it we are all learning how we can create that for others. Brilliant. You are showing us the value of daring to live the life we were meant to live, of risking being true to ourselves. Thank you.

Workshop participant and Forever Business Owner