Who am I?

Isn’t that the question we’d all like the answer to?!

I grew up during the second wave of feminism, so I’ve been blessed with more freedom and choices than previous generations of women. Life has had its challenges – and its adventures – and I’ve had several careers (after all, who has just one career these days!), all of which I’ve been lucky enough to love. In no particular order, I’ve been – and in most cases, still am:

  • a life coach and personal mentor
  • a certified activator for DNA Light-Up TM
  • a trainer and workshop facilitator
  • a presentation skills coach
  • a keynote speaker
  • a communications consultant
  • a professional network marketer
  • a professional actor and voice-over artist
  • a writer and producer of corporate videos

My work with DNA Light-Up has been one of the most profound and exciting parts of my personal development journey. It’s been life-changing for me, and I’m so happy to be now sharing and delivering this beautiful work with others – both one on one, in the corporate setting and as part of our ‘pay it forward’ initiative.

DNA Light-Up delivers these life-changing results time and time again, yet is so profoundly simple and real that people find it hard to believe they didn’t know it all before! And this is the point. The fact is we did know it all before. We’ve just forgotten. We’ve been trained to focus on so many external factors, fitting in and doing the right thing, setting goals to get what we want, climbing the social or career ladder, that we’ve forgotten that our true power is already alive and well. It’s not outside. It’s not in goals. It’s somewhere else – it’s within us. All of us. It’s about unlocking what we already have. There is nothing to learn – instead there is a whole heap to unlearn, coupled with a limitless wealth of personal power to embrace. And that’s what Light-Up does. Like I said – life-changing!


If you’d like to know more, and find out how Light-Up could impact you, take a look at our website www.dnalightup.com and give me a call so I can answer your questions and fill in the gaps.

It's about what works.

A graduate of Bristol University (English and Drama) and The Drama Studio London, I worked first as a professional actor, in TV, radio, film, voice-over and on the West End stage. Then, as a partner in Illuminated Word, I wrote and produced more than 100 corporate videos, working with plcs, charities and major companies.

A certified counsellor and experienced life coach, I work in both the private and public sectors, coaching and mentoring people who are stuck, stressed, or simply want someone in their corner as they strive to be the best they can be and to live a life that works. I’ve trained with some of the best in the business, including Melanie Pledger (of DNA Light-Up), Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame), John Assaraf (of The Secret and Neurogym) and Landmark Education. An experienced public speaker and facilitator, I run workshops, webinars and trainings on subjects such as … how to manage your self-talk, dealing with fear, time ownership (much more effective than time management!), different personality types and how to be your own best coach.

As a communications consultant, media trainer and presentation skills coach, I work with both individuals and groups to help them break through their ‘presentation barriers’, to be themselves – and enjoy themselves – in front of an audience or on camera. I’ve also developed a successful business in natural health and nutrition, and mentor a growing number of people to build significant incomes and take control of their lives. I’ve been happily married to actor and filmmaker Michael Bott for over 30 years. We have two grown up children, Eliza, a designer, and Jonty, a psychology student.



The Light Up experience is one that will change your life.
From a world of worry, anxiety and self sabotage to a re-found inner strength and confidence that was always there but just needed to ‘light up.’
To be given permission to be who I was always meant to be, instead of the person dictated to by the opinions of others, this experience really has enabled me to find inner peace and happiness. Following the work on the programme I have been able to take complete control of my life challenges, that before caused me to bury my head in the sand.
It’s been a wonderful, fun and on-going experience that continues to build my confidence and intuition.
From the bottom of my heart I thank you Sharon Bott, for being a wonderful friend, a wonderful coach and for helping me find me again. I will be forever grateful and continue to light up one day at a time.
“When you light up, you give other people permission to do the same.”

Lucy Crane

Teacher and business woman

Light-Up was initially described to me as an indescribable feeling of ‘coming home’ and ‘becoming complete’.  But what does that mean? To know is to experience it yourself and after spending many years feeling lost, the idea of feeling complete really appealed and I felt fortunate to be able to have this experience.  For this to work properly I knew I had to be honest and put trust into Sharon who is incredibly understanding and non-judgemental. For me, Light-Up was a positive, fun and enlightening experience of self discovery that was amazingly simple and gave me tools to make positive changes to my mindset.
The biggest realisation for me was how the language I chose to use on a daily basis had become such a habit that did not serve me well.  Identifying my gremlins has given me awareness to make small and simple changes which I have been able to use personally and translate to my work.  In typical true style I tried to analyse every detail spoken about in my first session and about fifteen minutes into my thirty minute drive home I realised that I didn’t need to, it didn’t matter and my mind had become quiet.  It was the first time in a long time that I felt at peace and things started to click into place.  I am very thankful to have been through Light-Up and truly feel lighter, like a weight has lifted from my shoulders, more balanced in my thoughts which has helped me to feel calmer and stronger.  I would personally use the phrase ‘together and connected’ to describe my ‘coming home’.
Thank you Sharon for your time and wisdom, I feel very lucky to have shared this experience with you.
Helen Coleman

College lecturer

Light Up has given me a greater trust in myself, confidence & power. This has been huge, like a weight has been lifted off me. I’ve had some big realisations, made some major decisions and had a lot of fun along the way.

Polly Wilding

Nutritionist and business owner

I found the coaching sessions with Sharon magical … She has a gentle but straight style. I did not feel judged but equally I was not allowed to get away with any attempts at self-delusion. For me this was a powerful combination. Dr Allison Fraser

Chief Executive, Sandwell MBC

Thank you for being a constant source of support, challenge and plain common sense, as well as fun, throughout our coaching relationship. Your warmth, fearless compassion and balanced perspective have seen me through some sticky moments. Louise Barnett

Strategy and Communications Manager, Sandwell MBC

I have learnt so much and changed so much as a result of working with you. You helped me to get life, work and priorities into a much better perspective. I’m so much happier as a result, and believe I’m a better husband and father as well as a better asset to my employer. I care more about what really matters and less about things that don’t matter or I can’t affect. It feels great to have a more balanced view of everything and I am determined to keep it that way. Thank you so much for your help and the gentle care with which you gave it. Thanks also for always cheering me on. It’s so good to know that there are people who believe in me and are backing me. Gary Bowman

Director of Local Partnership, Sandwell MBC

When Sharon coaches me, I feel both heard with compassion and challenged to do what’s right for me. I trust her completely and can highly recommend her services. Joella Bruckshaw

Executive Coach, Helping Women Advance

Sharon effortlessly deals with the dust that collects in my head. She puts information across in such a way as to make it highly likely that we can absorb it, use it and grow! I am totally ‘auditory’ – for me it’s all in the ‘delivery’, and she’s got it all going on. Workshop participant


I have learnt a massive amount about myself, which has been very hard at times to deal with, but is so very worth finding out and will really help me move forward, not just with my business but with every area of life. Thank you. Workshop participant


I just want to say how grateful I am that I decided to attend your workshop. I really can’t explain how much lighter and free I felt. I had a lot of baggage, you and everyone else were so generous with their time and overwhelming helpfulness. I’m really looking forward to attending another one of your workshops. Workshop participant


Sharon has been a very special part of my journey. She’s an inspiring mix of wisdom and motivation, energy and charm, enthusiasm and patience, insight and encouragement. I always take loads of invaluable stuff away with me from her sessions. Workshop participant


Thank you for organising and running such a brilliant day! Very thought provoking. Your workshops are very valuable but also good fun and lots of useful ‘tools’ too. Will definitely be at the next one! Workshop participant


A nourishing thought provoking day with a lovely mixed group who (including me) thrived in the space. Pam Weight


Thank you thank you thank you. That was the first time I’ve ever been to anything like that and I found it to be one of the most valuable experiences of my life so far … truly! It’s opened my eyes a lot and I’m so grateful to have been able to meet you all today. Workshop participant


When I face mental challenges in the day, it’s YOUR voice I hear – you’re like my personal mind master! You hoover me out each time. Workshop participant


Sharon took me from shaking with nerves, urm-ing and ah-ing my way through a presentation, to a confident, laughing me who knew that all I had to do was be myself to succeed in presentations. I have since gone on to talk at the Vitality Show in front of hundreds of people – and the best of all – I loved it! Sharon doesn’t teach you a few presentation skills, she gets to the root of what’s really stopping you, coaches you how to leap over your blocks and fly! I have never looked back! Suzy Greaves

Author, editor of Psychologies magazine, MD of The Big Leap Coaching

Thank you so much for the training. I thought it was excellent – a well planned, perfectly pitched and well executed piece of first class training. I really gained a lot from the whole experience. Ola Animashawun

Associate Director, Royal Court Theatre

Excellent training session. I really felt that I got a lot out of the day, the discussion in the morning was really useful and giving presentations with the camera in the afternoon was brilliant. This day really set the bar for other trainers and courses. I would definitely recommend that other graduates attend this day. Lester George

Graduate Trainee, Co-operative Society

What was so helpful to me was the focus Sharon helped me apply to exactly what it was I wanted to communicate to my audience. Once I’d moved away from my notes and put my script to one side, I was freed up to be more personal, enthusiastic and punchy – and, yes, consequently I began to enjoy it more! Simon Graham

Corporate lawyer, Birmingham

Working with Sharon is always great fun. She manages to balance great empathy with gentle firmness and provides great insights into making your presentations light other people’s fires. Kanthi Ford

Chairman Ireland India Business Association, KFVConsulting


Sharon was the speaker at our last networking event and was superb, truly inspirational. So many women commented on her presentation on leadership and development, which was dynamic and highly motivating. WBDA clients are all ages and come from many different backgrounds; the positive energy Sharon created together with her warm caring attitude endeared her to everyone present. Joy Hunter

Deputy Director, Women’s Business Development Agency (WBDA)