Workshops & Webinars

Would you like to join me for a ‘day out’ from your regular life? I regularly run day-long workshops where you’ll find the time and the space to reassess, recharge, reboot, realign … and relax. I’ll hold the space, ask questions, offer ideas and share suggestions so that you can take a fresh look at where you are and how you can move forward. Together we’ll explore, question, share and develop ideas, insights, philosophies, mind science – and some really useful tools and strategies – to help you move gracefully and powerfully from where you are to where you want to be (or even discover where that might be, if you’re not yet sure). Together we’ll explore things like:
  • untangling our self-worth from our circumstances
  • releasing ourselves from the judgements and baggage of our past
  • embracing our human-ness with love and gentleness
  • infusing our lives with greater inspiration, purpose and meaning
  • reframing and refashioning the things that hold us back
  • understanding the brain chemistry and the mind-science behind the woo-woo
  • stepping out of our own way and into our own power
  • developing and designing our own personal philosophies and perspectives
  • compiling a personal toolbox of practical strategies and resources
  • owning our time, so we can do all we want and need to do, without burnout
  • creating inspiring possibilities for ourselves and our lives
… to help you come away with a clear sense of the simple, daily choices available to you and what works for you going forward.


The next full-day workshop is scheduled for Saturday August 20th in Warwickshire. This will be an intimate group for no more than 12 people, allowing us to work at quite a deep, experiential and personal level. It will be a lot of fun – laughter and breakthroughs guaranteed!

The cost is £50 per person. Please email me on if you would like more details or to book your place.

If you would like to host one of these workshops yourself for you and your friends or team, then get in touch and let’s see what we can organise. You can also, of course, book me to come and work in your company, to talk to your people or to run a workshop or training course for your teams. Let me know what you’re looking for and let’s have a chat. I am also planning a course of evening online webinars – details to be announced.